Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Brave Little Dumpster and the Port-a-Potty Kid

Movie Script Idea: The Brave Little Dumpster and the Port-a-Potty Kid

Pixar and Disney have gotten us all warm and fuzzy about appliances and other household items from the talking kitchenware and furnishings in Beauty and the Beast, to the adorable toys and dolls in Toy StoryYet, these feel good films are unjust--they have consistently left out garbage and sanitary receptacles from their animated casts of characters.  Wake up world! Toilets, dumpsters, urinals, and trashcans have lives that are just as interesting as clocks and tea kettles!  They deserve our attention and their foul-smelling day in the sun!

Admit it, you would cry your eyes out if you saw a dumpster tenderly embrace a port-a-potty to Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love."  Perhaps the dumpster, brimming with garbage, would cuddle up against the industrial grade plastic of the port-a-potty until the camera would slowly pan out on a magical alleyway scene: rats would form a heart-shape around the two lovers.  It would seem so right.  In addition to romance, there would be adventure--the rambling dumpster and his trusty female sidekick, the outhouse kid, would wrangle with unsanitary and unhygenic supervillains like The Man Who Disposed of Medical Waste in his Granny's Christmas Stocking.  In the end, our plucky heroes would wheel off into the sunset--the outhouse's door and the dumpster's lid waving goodbye in the wind. 

**Stay sexy, Dumpsters**

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