Monday, February 4, 2013

Toilet Mic: Fun for the Whole Fam!

Mic up that Toilet!

Ever wonder what your siblings, family, friends, and significant others do in the bathroom?  Mic up that Toilet (tm) is the solution!  For a small fee, an insanely creepy middle-aged man will arrive at your house and bug your toilet.  Just because he cares, we even promise that he will leave a huge burrito turd in your toilet for your and your family to admire--a conversation piece is on the house!* 

*Disclaimer: With Mic Up that Toilet, massive courtesy dump is no extra charge, every time, guaranteed.
Before you naysay, we urge you to spend a minute pondering all of the magical things you could do with one of our toilet mics.  Think of the hours of giggles that you'll be missing out on if you flush this opportunity goodbye.  Our happy clients have, for example, turned their one-of a-kind recordings into classic soundtracks of grandparents such as "Veteran Droppin' Bombs Again."  Easy listening for the commute to work!  Great replay value!  For even more fun, try Mic up that Litterbox for Kitties--we promise you'll be moved!

**Stay sexy, Crappers**


  1. I don't know if I really want to hear what they are doing on the bowl. This is a really crappy thing to do to them! Har har har!